Harrisonville Update

2/14/21 – Husband is doing more walking around the house, getting stronger.  Had planned to attend assembly but weather was too cold.  Maybe next week.  Thankful for good progress.

2/10/21 – Husband getting stronger each day. Eating good.  Walking about 50 feet with a walking stick twice a day.  Brethren have come by to move wood up for them.  Might need some help cutting more wood in near future.  Thanks for all your prayers.

2/2/21 – Good report from the doctor yesterday.  Was impressed with how far Husband had progressed given some of his earlier challenges.  Doesn’t need to see doc again for a month.

1/28/21 -Husband had a good day yesterday, getting up and walking several times, continues to get stronger.  Today he’s tired but doing fine.  Still has a good appetite.

1/26/21 – Nurse said husband was doing well today.  Getting stronger and able to go without oxygen for short periods of time.  Eating has improved.  Thankful for the progress.

1/23/21 – A better day today.  Food is tasting better and able to walk short distances with walker.  Blood pressure closer to normal.  Still relying on oxygen.  Enjoyed a piece of wife’s ‘Suzy Q’ cake today.  Thanks for the many acts of love, service, and for your prayers.

1/20/21 – Doctor’s appointment today.  Blood pressure low but blood oxygen level is good (is still on oxygen).  Energy level still very low.  Very tired after trip to doctor.

1/18/21 – Husband is eating better and continues to improve.  Is able to get up under his own power and sleeping better.  It’s good to be home.  They want to thank all that came to their home on Sunday to sing some ‘beautiful songs’ and share words of encouragement.  It was a very uplifting experience.  They are looking forward to the day when they can once again join in the assembly.

1/15/21 – Had a visiting nurse stop in today.  Getting acclimated to begin home and working through accessibility issues.  Now that Wife is doing the cooking he’s beginning to eat better.  Still very weak but managing.

1/14/21 – Husband released from hospital.  Truly enjoyed your personal greetings recorded night before.  Is now resting at home in favorite chair.  Still has a way to go, but glad he can recoup at home.  Thanks for all the prayers.

1/13/21 – Wife at assembly tonight and said some improvement.

1/12/21 – Husband continues physical therapy with some progress.  Still very weak after sessions.

1/11/21 – Disappointing day.  Doc says Husband’s not quite ready to leave the hospital.  Struggling to keep good oxygen level after standing.  PT will continue to work with him in hopes of going home later this week.  Cards and prayers are greatly appreciated.  Room number has changed: St. Luke’s Hospital, Husband’s Name, Room E117, 4401 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO 64111.

1/10/21 – Second update.  Doc says Husband may be coming home tomorrow, Monday.  Has PT and final review before being released.  Very excited.  Note a member has already agreed to help bring Husband home.

1/10/21 – Wife was at assembly today and announced Husband is in private room and doing well.  They appreciated all the prayers, cards, and service offers they’ve received.

1/9/21 – Wife spoke with Husband via phone today. Said he sounded more like himself and was not displaying signs of breathing problems.  He’s doing well, able to sit up in a chair in his room, being provided with 2 liters of oxygen.  Still in ICU, but will be moved into regular room this afternoon.  Thankful for the good news and all your prayers.

1/8/21 – Husband still in ICU but ventilator has been removed.  Wife able to speak with him over phone today.  Blood pressure still stable, breathing improving.  Once breathing reaches acceptable level, he’ll be moved back to regular room, which they’re hoping is tonight or tomorrow.  Still pain in belly which doc said is to be expected.  Thanks for all the prayers.  Both are hopeful husband will be home soon, Lord willing.

1/7/21 – Better day today.  Blood pressure stabilized. If progress continues, should remove ventilator tomorrow and transfer back to regular hospital bed.  Still has some pain in belly.

1/6/21 – Husband was moved to ICU this morning.  Blood pressure dropped.  X-rays showed fluid on lungs and bleeding in belly.  He is now on a ventilator.  Wife was able to see him today. She is now home resting and won’t be out tonight.  They appreciate all the prayers and cards.

1/5/21 – Wife reports that Husband continues to improve; breathing better and improved mobility.  Given continued path, doc thinks will be coming home by week’s end.  All the cards lifted his spirits.  He’s anxious to be reunited with wife and the body.

1/4/21 – Continued progress and in good spirits today.  Breathing is improved and oxygen requirements down to 4 liters.  Able to walk short distances.  Took x-rays today to check progress.  Results tomorrow.  Still no calls.  Thanks for all the prayers.

1/3/21 –  Wife announced he continued to improve with hopes of possibly returning home this week.

1/2/21 – Nurse was able to reduce oxygen flow.  Is much improved today.  Nurse said is closer to going home.  Wife hopes to be at church tomorrow.

1/1/21 – Third day on covid medicine Remdesivir.  Temperature is back to normal.  Now able to get out of bed and sit in a chair for a while.  Breathing is not as labored but still on heavy dose of oxygen.  Cards would be appreciated at: St. Luke’s Hospital, Husband’s Name, Room E116, 4401 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO 64111.

12/30/20 – Breathing treatments continue, lost taste, very weak.  Trouble speaking.  Please no phone calls to hospital at this time.  Wife at home says she’s got plenty of food and has no needs at this time.  Appreciates the firewood that was brought up and wood stove repair brethren have provided.

12/29/20 – About the same.  Difficulty breathing.  Receiving treatments for same.

12/28/20 – Husband taken by ambulance to Harrisonville hospital, transferred to St. Luke’s on the Plaza covid unit.  Blood oxygen low and very dehydrated.  No energy.