January Business Meeting

Dear family,

Due to our current assembly limitations, the officers have decided to share with you business meeting information via Email.  Attached were the following documents for your review:
* 2021 January Business Meeting Notes – Notes from our officers meeting, including items the deacons have, or will be working on, initial meetings scheduled for 2021, a membership update, and introduction to the facilities survey results.
* 2020 Bar Chart, Spending Pie Chart, and Cash Flow – a financial overview of 2020 provided by the deacons.
* Smart Road Facilities Survey – a numeric analysis of the facility survey.  Of course there were plenty of written comments that are being considered, too.  We believe your responses indicate the congregation has interest in discussing and developing facility changes/improvements.  There were 24 individuals that indicated interest in helping develop those improvements.  Our next move is to bring those members together to develop a plan to proceed as soon as such an interactive meeting is safely possible.
Please let Scott, Gerald, or Randy know if problems opening the attachments.  Contact any officer if you have comment, questions, or desire further details regarding their content.
Thanks for all your prayers, acts of service, and loving support for the body of Christ.
In Jesus,
Scott, Gerald, and Randy