Marine’s Nurse Update & Opportunity for Service

1/4/21:  Right now Nurse is feeling better than  she has for the last three weeks, for which she’s grateful.
A feeding tube placed on 12/15 brought complications; one being a huge infection requiring antibiotics. Infection is much better now allowing her to feel more like herself.  Nurse has infusions 5 days straight then off for 2 days.  They continue next week, then suspended for two weeks, after which the cycle repeats.  Infusions are going well.  While the medicine doesn’t make any noticeable difference in symptoms, we are hoping they fulfil their design of prolonging life.
An opportunity for service:
Sometimes Marine has important appointments at same time as Nurse’s infusions, leaving Nurse needing a ride.  Infusions are given at 101st and Holmes at various times during the day, lasting about an hour and a half.  In total, help is need for about 2 1/2 hours.  Please contact the eldership to offer your time and vehicle.  Great opportunity to visit and get better acquainted.