Expectations for 2023 Meeting Attendees

It is our prayer that the meeting will be attended with conduct and attire befitting a Christ-like example toward each other and the community in which we serve.

Parents are responsible for supervising their own children during all activities, either offsite or on the building grounds.

Guests under 16 years of age are to be accompanied by a parent or adult throughout the meeting. If supervised by an adult other than a parent, the eldership is to be informed of the responsible person.

It is suggested that guests under 18 bring a healthcare power of attorney to allow efficient handling of a healthcare emergency, should the guest’s parents not be immediately available by phone. Either the guest’s supervisor or a member of the eldership should be named as having the authority to make emergency medical decisions. Guests should also have a current copy of their health insurance card.

Host families may provide breakfast; however, guests are responsible for their own meals. A change of assigned hosts must be approved by Smart Road eldership.

Guests are expected at the host’s home by 11:30 PM, earlier if possible. Hosts may need to get up early for work the following day, and good students need their rest. Hosts may decide to set an earlier deadline.

The elders reserve the right to return home any guests who do not follow the prescribed standards.

Elders: SREldership@gmail.com
Gerald Clevenger 816.896.6003
Randy Teghtmeyer 816.697.2000
Scott Trusty 816.519.7370

John Lee 816.524.7483
Wade Stanley 816.916.6731

To download a PDF of these guidelines, click here.