Summary of Paul’s Letters

This is the summary of Paul’s letters as provided by Shane L. during our study into these letters.

Book Summary
I Thessalonians Encouraging Letter written to infant church – new converts
II Thessalonians Clarification regarding Christ’s second coming
I Corinthians Damage control; addresses many issues & misconduct
II Corinthians Defend Paul’s Apostolic authority
Romans Deeper/Theological look at process of Salvation; Christian Living
Galatians Combat Judaizers & Promote Christian Living (Fruits of the Spirit)
Ephesians Unity of the Body of Christ – “Together” “One” – Armor of God
Colossians Christ’s supremacy & head of church; Christian Living
Philippians Encouraging letter; contentment, spiritual perspective
Philemon Plea on behalf of run-away slave; type/shadow for Christ and us
Hebrews Christ is superior to all beings; Christianity better than old law
I Timothy Equip Timothy to teach the church – Elder/Deacon Qualifications
Titus Qualifications of Elders/ Jobs of old/young Women & Men
II Timothy Paul’s farewell; encourage Timothy to keep the Church going

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